MystiqueRoom - Budapest

The strange creatures of Wonderland have disappeared. There is no trace of the Egg, the Rabbit, the Twins and even the Mad Hatter has gone missing. It’s your turn to find them. Let’s take the challenge! In other words, let’s get down to the rabbit hole!


You’ll need to work together to solve mysteries, find hidden relics, infiltrate secret vaults! It’s unlike anything you’ve ever done before. In this game, you will find high stairs, ladders, etc, so some good condition is required. All children under 13 must play with adult supervision.

In this room 2-6 people can play comfortably.

An adventure game, where you will play in a beautiful and immersive environment. Our youngest “player” was 1.5 years old, oldest over 60, but anyone can actively participate in the game, who can read. There are no scary things, scenes or adult content, so it’s a great fun for the whole family. Ideal for team building training too. It is a popular venue for bachelor parties and birthdays. This is a so-called 3. generation escape room.

Generation III – rooms getting smart

The third generation introduced escape rooms integrated with electronics, sensors and other new technologies. Padlocks are finally replaced with computers, which allows designers to think about more automated – thus much more immersive – scenarios and puzzles. The games can now be played with a minimal help of moderators, too. Props are combined into phases, consisting of many automatic triggers and puzzles that are pushing a game forward only when all of them are activated, for example by pushing buttons in a correct order. The rooms can also detect in which part of scenario players are and trigger the events accordingly.

How do we differ from other escape rooms?

The rooms at Mystique Room are designed and built in-house by a team with decades of combined experience in set and game design. As for the design of the rooms and puzzles, there is a huge difference between the approximately 130 escape games in Budapest and we are differ from all of them. Which is best proven by the fact, that we are in the top 10 escape games on Tripadvisor, for the last 5 years. For our design team, the primary consideration is to create rooms that can be enjoyable and solvable for everyone, so that the rate of successful escapes is nearly 100%. We are proud that, apart from the traditional rooms, offer our players innovative 3. generation escape games too. For more information please visit our Facebook page.

Don’t have any gift ideas but want to buy some memorable experience?

We have a „gift card” option to the most exciting escape rooms in Budapest! Or you can buy it personally at Mystique Room!


CAPACITY: 2-6 Player
Barrier Accessibility:NO