The Memory Thief: 

Your next target is a young and wealthy businessman. Your task is to break into his mind and steal $10 million. You’ll have to go through his past and even his childhood memories to find his most precious secrets: his bank account number and the password. 

Cold War Spies: 

Now we are sure: there's a mole at the agency; it's essential to get rid of him. Your mission is to eavesdrop on the communication of the Soviet Embassy in East Berlin. 
To help with your task, we provided a safe house for you in London. During your investigation, you might have to sneak into the Soviet Embassy in London. When you find the double-agent's name send it to headquarters by radio. If they catch you, we will not be able to protect you further. Don't mess this up! 

What else is waiting for you? 
- delicious coffee
- more delicious Hungarian craft beers
- snacks 
- clean bathroom 
- free Wi-Fi 
- and last but not least, our sweet and fun game masters :)