What is ExitGames?
We are a collection site. Buy a voucher here and enjoy exit games with amazing discounts! Our partners are waiting for you!
Shall I print the voucher?
You don't need to print the voucher but the voucher code is always needed during the booking process. Also, don't forget to have the secret code at hand at the venue!
The payment was successful but I haven't received my voucher code. What shall I do?
Email clients often list voucher codes as spam or promotion, so first, please check your spam/promotion folders. Also, make sure you've given the correct email address during the payment process. If you have accidentally given a wrong address, you obviously won't receive the voucher code. In such case, please mail us the correct purchasing data to
When and how do I get the invoice?
Since we function as an intermediary between you and our partnering companies, we only fill out a payment certificate and send it to the given email address right after the payment. Please request your VAT invoice at the venue, after you've booked your time.
Can I buy a gift voucher?
Of course! The gift voucher will be sent to your email address but as it can be customized after printing, you can easily gift it away.
How/Where can I book a date or change the date of my booking?
By giving your voucher code via the contacts of the chosen exit game. Don't forget to have the secret code at hand at the venue!
How can I pay?
By bank cards or with Simple and PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal account, payment requires a quick registration. Unfortunately, paying by cash is not possible.
The payment failed, what could be the problem?
You might have mistyped the card details, you don't have enough money on your card, the card is not suitable for online payment or technical issues may block PayPal from accessing your bank account. Either way, we suggest retrying the process in a little while.
Who can help me if a problem occurs before, during or after payment?
Having a question during the payment process? No worries, we help you! Our team is at your service on weekdays from 9.00 am to 17 pm on the following contacts. Phone: +36-20/494-9957 ; email:
How can my exit game become a partner of yours?
For further information please go under Partners.